COVID-19 – Studio closed until further notice

Dear clients and friends,

As for many of us it has taken us several days to get used to the new and evolving situation and the drastic adjustments needed in the fight against Covid-19. The responsibility falls on each of us to protect ourselves and others by prioritizing safety whilst exploring new approaches to our respective undertakings and projects.

Yogaworks is no different. Behind closed doors some of our yoga community might find itself abandoned and alone, hoping that the situation resolves itself as quickly as possible.

To try to bridge this gap some yoga studios are trying to put classes online and, for those of you who would like to try this, some of our teachers will also be doing this (live and/or recorded) on various platforms. Links will be posted on the Yogaworks site as soon as available.

At the same time it can be helpful to remind ourselves that the extraordinary situation offers some opportunities: the chance to re-explore some of our habits and ways of functioning, the opportunity to slow down, the possibility to spend more time with the people close to us, the appreciation of simple pleasures such as a walk in the forest or tea on the balcony, renewing links with friends. At the same time we can deepen our connection with ourselves.

Through yoga, meditation and other practices we are better able to examine ourselves and our needs which, particularly in challenging times, can sometimes be difficult. It becomes even more important to switch off our screens in order to really come face to face with ourselves: feeling the body, conscious movement, observing breath, noticing and welcoming thoughts and emotions. All with kindness and without judgement. Then we can better appreciate the present moment.

If you need any specific advice on any of the above please get in touch!

Hope to see you soon.