Massages at the studio

We are happy to offer a variety of massages at the studio. Massages take place outside classes hours and are given by certified instructors/therapists. Please arrange directly with them for an appointment:

– Sarah: relaxing massages (076 308 96 59) – ASCA affiliated
– Laure: thai massage (079 139 59 55)
– Gaëlle: sound massage (078 645 14 82)

Possibility to pay for classes online

You can now buy classes online using Twint, Stripe or Apple Pay.

This is particularly recommended if you are a new at Yogaworks or if your membership has expired. It will allow you to ensure that you have sufficient credits to make your booking in advance via Deciplus.

Reservation rules

Reservations are possible up to the last minute via Deciplus. Any cancellation must be made at least 3 hours before class. After this time the class will automatically be deducted from your pre-paid series. For the holders of unlimited passes, the first absence or late cancellation can be subject to a warning, the second will eventually be sanctioned.

Conditions applicable to pre-paid and unlimited passes (since 1 June 2021)

Pre-paid passes shall be valid for a maximum of 2 years. For unlimited passes bought since 1 June, there will no longer be any prolongation for vacation or any other absence for any reason except for certified medical reasons.