Arlinda Rexhaj

After a first training in Forrest Yoga followed by a training in Hatha Yoga, Arlinda takes you into a gentle yet invigorating, soft yet intensive practice that reconciles body and mind well-being. She teaches a blend of these two practices and her classes consist of breathing exercises, asanas and deep relaxation.

Clélia Vuille

Clélia’s dance background reflects her keen interest in dynamic structural alignment and creative sequencing in class. In every class, she encourages taking ownership of one’s physical, mental and spiritual journey, developing a playful practice yet maintaining a sense of integrity to constantly test limits and explore new perspectives.

Fanny Dubois

Fanny’s yoga practice is holistically based and this is transmitted through her teaching. Her complete approach to yoga combines asana (posture), pranayama (breath), dhyana (meditation) and deep relaxation. Her classe are at the same time soft and dynamic, breath focused and caring, always respecting the limits of each individual.

Karim Khouw Zegwaart

Karim’s classes combine tradition and modernity, balancing strength, flexibility and mobility. He enjoys exploring the more advanced postures with lightness and humour, but anchored within a philosophical context. He also likes to add mantras to his dynamic sequences. His classes are open to all, from beginners to more experienced. 

Laure Cannesson

Trained in vinyasa by Mathieu Boldron and Cheryl Oliver, Laure guides you through dynamic and creative practices, designed as guidelines for the harmonious and conscious exploration of movement. Detached from the goal of accomplishing, her classes encourage curiosity and self-experience which awakens the desire and builds the confidence for development of a personal and sustainable practice.

Jérôme Jaquier

Jérôme comes from a sports background and has been practicing yoga since 2008. Mainly inspired by Ashtanga yoga, his teaching is rigorous and very much based on tradition. He studied in India and Europe with teachers such as Gérard Arnaud, David Swenson, David Keil, Chuck Miller and Mark Darby.

Julien Pidoux

Practicing yoga since 2003, Julien followed the Yoga Works (USA) Teacher Training and attended numerous workshops since then (Chris Chavez, Julie Martin, Chad Hamrin) whilst working in the media industry. Starting as a way to “stay in shape”, yoga has played an increasingly important part in Julien’s life, on and off the mat. His classes are athletic and playful.

Valentine Bois

Valentine discovered yoga in 2010 and trained with Ana Forrest yoga. As she  teaches a blend of vinyasa and Forrest inspired yoga, a dynamic physical practice that ignites every cell in the body through deep breathing and powerful poses, she remains very attentive to the individual needs of the participants. With honesty and compassion, she loves to share her energy and passion for yoga.