Yogaworks offers different yet complementary styles of hatha yoga. All styles are based on the physical practice of yoga together with specific breathing techniques.

Hatha yoga is the physical branch of yoga which provides tools for the development of a healthy body and a clear mind. Regular practice of hatha yoga cleans and tones the body from inside out, and increases strength, stamina and flexibility. Hatha yoga can also help boost the immune system, reduce stress, and improve overall body posture. For more information on yoga and the benefits of hatha yoga, please refer to the FAQ section.

The choice of the class depends on individual objectives and preferences.


Recommended for beginners and all levels, this class teaches the fundamentals of hatha yoga practice, with particular emphasis on the alignment and precision of the postures. It is an excellent conditioning for body, mind and breath.


More fluid (but not necessarily more advanced) than Hatha, you will be guided through creative sequences of postures where movement is synchronised with breath. Also suitable for beginners – alternatives are always given for any posture which is too challenging. 

Power Vinyasa

Dynamic, athletic and fluid – you are likely to sweat! Your physical limits might be explored, but always respected. For beginners we usually recommend to learn the basics through Hatha or Vinyasa classes, but anyone wishing to try the challenge of a Power Vinyasa class for a first yoga experience is also welcome!